Receipt of bonuses, Software Downloads and Registration Process


Receipt of bonuses, Software Downloads and Registration Process

Receipt of bonuses

Internet gambling requires a little more than a computer, time and the ability to defend yourself on the World Wide Web. Once you have chosen a casino, visit your website and record the exact procedure to receive the bonuses.

Sometimes it is automatic, but usually you have to send an email to the appropriate address, or there may be time limits or other stipulated conditions. Do not expect them to let these rules pass, online casinos are accustomed not to reveal daily bonuses, for that are the stipulations. Generally, web casinos have 800 phone numbers to call and get help, so write them down. Also, remember to note the email addresses of the customer service.

Download software

To play, in most cases you must download the software from the website, which takes five to ten minutes. Some sites use Java, Flash or Shockwave programs, which are slower but work correctly in the web browser and require minimal download. Large programs installed on your hard drive proliferate quickly and disorganize your computer, so place each small casino folder inside a larger one that encompasses all of them. The software requires 3MB, 5MB and even more space. Although many online casinos use the same software, you will have to download it again each time you enter a different one, because the settings for registering are unique. If you have space, save the programs because most online casinos often repeat profitable promotions.

The duration of downloads greatly interferes with the sale of bonuses. There is often a choice between downloading the full package and downloading only a few games; always choose the lighter version as it saves time and there are usually only a few games that are worthwhile. The biggest cost of this effort is time, so be aware of alternative ways to save time. While the casino is being downloaded, register your credit card, continue with your registration, and search the site for important information, especially the name of the credit card processor that will appear on your invoice.

Process to register

Expect to spend at least 30 minutes at each casino completing forms, understanding the rules, establishing bets, and then trying to find the cashier. Registration can be speeded up by small applications that store names and credit card numbers and show them when needed. There are dozens of these programs.

All the “paperwork” has to be exact; particularly your mail address should match that of your credit card. Credit cards are denied immediately if the addresses do not match. Remember, you are doing this honestly according to your own established rules. Sometimes casinos will amuse you but also prove your tenacity to collect your bonuses. His best argument in these cases is always “I did everything exactly according to the rules”.


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