Play Online Craps at Online Casinos


Play Online Craps at Online Casinos

Craps is another game with many rules, including more than baccarat. Despite their complexity, the people who play the dice say it’s the most exciting casino game. Nevertheless, craps have some bets with expectations of more than 99 percent, and casino players are interested in any game that gives them back the almost complete bet.

The game

Like baccarat, this game can be reduced to betting only a few points, and then observe what happens. You just need to know a few points on which to bet: PASS, DO NOT PASS, COME and DO NOT COME. You will see these words along the lines where the tokens are placed. All these bets have a house edge of around 1.4%. Virtually all other craps bets are not worth it. The worst is 17%.

There is another bet, “odds,” which is actually a 50-50 bet that offers absolutely no margin for the home, but to qualify you have to hold one of the negative bets mentioned. Here we explain how. Put money on any version of the passing or coming lines. If the caster (you, in a virtual game) wins or loses the first throw, the money is collected and a new game begins. If the first roll is not conclusive then you can “take bets”, which means making another bet on what will happen next. There will be a series of consecutive releases, and you can bet if the pitcher will finally win or lose. Casinos have different policies regarding how much you can bet on odds. A place that offers “2x odds” will take a bet on odds double your initial bet, while others will take 5x, 10x or more. More is better, since you will want to qualify for the bonus by registering with as many bets of equal amount as possible.

For our purposes, the problem with craps is time and variation. Taking big odds in one game makes the swings worse. Also you must post until the data wins or loses, which can continue for a long time or, in theory, forever. The time can be reduced, but for this it requires bigger bets. The craps are good for “matchplays” if it is already your game and you have good backgrounds so that the variation does not interest.

There is a very different method of getting a bonus that works, say, on craps, baccarat, and roulette. It involves betting on opposition, for example supporting both players and the bench in baccarat. This gives you almost risk-free or variation action, but it’s very obvious, so do not use this strategy.


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